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Maximum Scores in Minimalist Competition

On Monday the 18th of March 2024, Droitwich Camera Club welcomed Bob Goode as our independent Judge for our "Minimalist" print competition. Congratulations to Ric Harding and Nigel Reader who received maximum scores of 20 points, and extra congratulations to Matt Tubb who had two images scoring the maximum of 20 points.

Top left: The Cyclist - Matt Tubb

Top right: Lungs - Matt Tubb

Bottom left: Pigeon Post - Nigel Reader

Bottom right: Formation Flying - Ric Harding

Ahead of the competition Bob Goode stated: “Minimalist is mostly about the art of communication with the least content possible and as the content of the image decreases so the importance shifts to the construction of the image. As with all things photographic interpretation is at the whim of the photographer. The need for careful consideration of light and shadow along with the message is the key. Detail in the photograph is a killer when talking minimalist.”

Bob carefully examined every print. He commented on the strengths of each picture and, where appropriate, pointed out weaknesses such as unwanted artefacts. Once he had reviewed every image, Bob commented that it would be very difficult to pick winners from such a large number of high quality prints.

In making his final selections Bob said that as well as choosing pictures based on content and presentation, he would also be thinking about how closely each print met the brief of "Minimalist".

A very enjoyable evening where we gained much from Bob's valuable comments drawing on his considerable knowledge and experience.

Apologies if you viewed an earlier version of this post without any content.

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