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A showcase of Midland photography

On the 25th March 2024, about 25 members of Droitwich Camera Club came together on Zoom to view the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF) Travelling Portfolio. It is called the “Travelling” Portfolio because traditionally the prints and a file of projected images would be passed from club to club for viewing. We decided to download the file of images.


The Portfolio showcases the very best of Midland photography being the pictures accepted for the 2023 MCPF Photofolio Exhibition. See for more information.


The portfolio includes both prints and digital projected images (DPIs) spanning a wide range of genres. In previous years each image was accompanied by a commentary, but this time the commentaries were replaced by background music.


The portfolio provided insights into the type of images that are likely to be accepted. Many of the images can be seen at   Be patient and let the wheel on the screen turn. The page will appear after a few seconds.

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