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Club Competitions

2020 - 2021
2021 - 2022
2022 - 2023
2023 - 2024
Competition 1 Open DPI
Anything goes in this competition so best of luck.
John Haines
Competition 2 = Mono Prints
Our first Print competition of the year. Anything goes as long as it is monochrome!!
Phil Cooling
External Competition with Kidderminster Camera Club
The first of our External Competitions lets get some silverware for the club
Competition 3 - Texture in Images Prints
Print competition using images with added textures.
Louise Hill
Graham Trevor British Landscape Prints
The coveted Graham Trevor trophy is up for grabs so lets see your best British Landscapes in Print.
Paddy Ruske
Competition - 4 Metalic DPI
So here everything which is metal would be acceptable. So a car, plane, fork, screw, you get the drift. However, paper, paint, fabric or anything with a metallic sheen, e.g. a pearl for example, would fit the bill. So variety is endless I feel. The Judge will be briefed for both competitions that anything we put before him/her has been accepted by Sue to fit the category.
Dave Tucker
Competition 5 - Round Prints
This is a subject as easily achieved at or close to home as it is if you were to go further afield. First of all let me make it clear that the print itself does not need to be round!! I don’t propose that the subject itself needs to be an absolutely perfect geometrically round shape but should generally be ‘round’. For example a flower, a ring of fungi, a round of drinks!! Again, the Judge will be briefed that images presented to him/her are acceptable
Peter Gennard
Print & DPI of the year
La Creme de La Creme. Trophies are up for grabs from any Print or DPI that scored 17 or more points in any competition this year.
Terry Livesey
DPI 'On The Edge'
First DPI Competition “On The Edge” DPIs Closing date: 17 September 2023 Competition date: 25 September 2023 DCC’s 1st competition of the season is “On the Edge”. It must be clear to the Judge and viewers that “On the Edge” is represented visually e.g.: • a pigeon on the edge of a roof; • a raindrop on the edge of a leaf; • a person standing on a cliff edge; • use of negative space with the subject at the edge of the image. Or: • On the Edge of Destruction; • On the Edge of Tears; • On the Edge of a Breakdown; • On a Knife Edge Etc………. Our Judge for the evening is John Haines and we look forward to welcoming him once again with his friendly approach and sensitive feedback about our images.
John Haines
Print Competition "Water - On it, In it, Under it. Simply Water"
Comp 2 “Water, in it, on it, under it or just… water” Prints Closing date: 15 October 2023 Competition date: 23 October 2023 DCC’s 2nd competition of the season is “Water, in it, on it, under it or just… water”. Entries must emphasise water as the main visual element, e.g. • the ocean; waterfalls; puddles; • water reflections from boats, buildings, trees; • water in containers e.g.: swimming pools, bathtubs, sinks, potholes; • fountains, faucets or garden hoses;
Dave Tucker
DPI "In a Rush"
Comp 3 “In a Rush” DPIs Closing date: 12 November 2023 Competition date: 20 November 2023 DCC’s 3rd competition of the season is “In a Rush”. It must emphasise hurried movement in some way e.g.: • sheep running down a field; • a skateboarder, a cyclist; • horse racing, car racing, athletics; • a slow shutter speed showing light trails of vehicles or movement of any subject;
Bob Train
GT Trophy - British Landscape
Comp 4 “The Graham Trevor British Isles Landscape Trophy” Prints Closing date: 14 January 2024 Competition date: 22 January 2024 DCC’s 4th competition of the season is a stand-alone competition, the Graham Trevor Trophy being awarded to the outright winner. Entries must be of a land, sea or urban scape in the British Isles (as defined by Wikipedia if Members require further clarification). Our Judge is Martin Cooper who is new to DCC but is a well-known landscape photographer and judge.
Martin Cooper
DPI Portrait
Comp 5 “Portrait” DPIs Closing date: 11 February 2024 Competition date: 19 February 2024 DCC’s 5th competition of the season is “Portrait” and must be head and neck (and shoulders if desired) of a human or animal. Our Judge for the evening is Paddy Ruske who has visited us many times and we look forward to welcoming him again. Competition rules can be found on DCC’s website.
Paddy Rusk
Print Competetion Minimalist
Comp 6 “Minimalist” Prints Closing date: 10 March 2024 Competition date: 18 March 2024 DCC’s 6th competition of the season is “Minimalist”: • The Judge will be looking for austere simplicity, an emphasis of sparseness and careful composition with no over-abundance of colour, patterns or visual information. • Large amounts of negative space and/or spatial isolation are usual. • Depth and distance are often used to express vastness. • A search of the internet and Wikipedia are invited if Members require further clarification. Bob Goode will be making a second, welcome visit to DCC as our Judge. He states “minimalist is mostly about the art of communication with the least content possible and as the content of the image decreases so the importance shifts to the construction of the image. As with all things photographic interpretation is at the whim of the photographer. The need for careful consideration of light and shadow along with the message are the key. Detail in the photograph is a killer when talking minimalist.”
Bob Goode
Print or DPI of the Year
Comp 7 “Print & DPI of the Year” Closing date: 7 April 2024 Competition date: 15 April 2024 DCC’s season finale is an invitation for Members to enter a maximum of 3 of their favourite images (any combination of prints and DPIs) which have been entered in competitions during the current season. A trophy is awarded for the best print and for the best DPI. NB if the original image was entered as a print it must be re-entered as a print, likewise a DPI must be re-entered as a DPI. Our Judge for the evening is Peter Gennard, a well-respected judge who has visited us many times.
Peter Gennard
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