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What is Fine Art Architecture Photography?

On Monday 8th January 2024, about 25 members joined a Zoom presentation given by Ken Fisher. The first thing Ken talked about was the difference between Architecture photography and Fine Art Architecture photography.

Ken's view is that Architecture photography gives an accurate and realistic record of a building that showcases the structure. Such a photograph is a record shot and can be used in advertising particularly related to tourism.

His view on Fine Art Architecture photography is that it represents the subject in an artistic, imaginative, and intellectual way. The final image, created by the photographer using post processing, is likely to be unique.

Ken's initial approach to taking the photograph is very similar to that described by David Garthwaite in his presentation on the 27th of November 2023. Ken also starts his post processing by cleaning up the image, removing distractions, and splitting the subject into a number of areas using selection tools.

Ken then described and showed us how he then does further processing while keeping open three windows in Photoshop, being Layers, Channels, and Properties. He then uses a variety of tools including Layers, Curves, and Gradients particularly Reflective Gradients, creating areas of light and shadow, giving depth and shape.

More information can be found on Ken's website that gives links to his many training videos.

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