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Victory for Droitwich in Match That 2022

Every year there are club competitions and External Competitions. However one competition stands on its own as the only competition where you can argue with the Judge! This is always a fun competition with lots of friendly banter, This year it was hosted by Evesham Camera club with John Haines as the judge.

The Annual Match That competition is fought between Droitwich Camera Club, Evesham Camera Club and Stratford Camera Club. The rules are simple each club chooses 48 pictures from its members that can be used. The clubs take it in turns to pick an image and the other clubs then have 30 seconds to match it. The match can be as straight forward or as tenuous as you like however the longer the competition goes on the less images are left to choose from and the matching becomes more difficult.

First the judge will decide if there is indeed a match if not (and the club cannot dissuade him) then he marks the images on their merits. The club with the highest score at the end of the evening wins the cup and the bragging rights.

The Images that were chosen this year are in the gallery below. As expected there are a lot of diverse images from a large selection of our members.

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