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Using textures to enhance your images

Photo by Jane Lazenby

Jane Lazenby gave a fascinating talk on the 15th of January about the creative use of textures to enhance our pictures. She showed how to tackle familiar problems in images such as distracting backgrounds, subject separation, and colour toning.

With a live demonstration, Jane invites us to think about the feeling that we want to evoke with our images and how textures offer more rhythm, energy, or ethereal atmosphere. 

Jane demonstrated how to combine texture layers to create an ultimate texture and make your own unique brushes in Photoshop to use to refine masks and add details.  

She emphasised that using texture is not about laborious techniques, it is about being creative with elements available in your home such as cardboard, stones, tarmac, or rusty elements. 

Definitely, the 26 members who attended Zoom will try to have fun with it in the future.

3-Way Contest against Beacon and Stourport

3-Way Contest

Droitwich Camera Club’s second external competition of the season was a 3-Way with Beacon and Stourport hosted by Beacon Camera Club on Thursday 11th January 2024.

The Judge was Bob Train. Sadly, DCC came third; there were some very surprising scores however I am pleased to say that Audrey Couchman scored 20 for her beautiful “Paper Curl” print and Ric Harding scored 20 for his “Balancing Act” projected image.

Beacon came first with 300 points, Stourport were second with 281 points, and Droitwich were third

with 279 points.

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