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Underwater Photography and Competition Result

Updated: Mar 15

Underwater Photography

On Monday 11th March 2024, David Keep FRPS gave members an inspirational talk over Zoom about his passion for underwater photography. This was his second of a series of talks, and was entitled “From Manatees to Crocodiles”.

David explained that having decided what he wants to photograph, he spends time researching where the best place is, and when is the best time of year. This research could well be a year or more ahead of making the trip. He also finds the best guide with local knowledge to take him to the best places.

During his talk David stated that Florida is the best place to see Manatees, the Gulf of Mexico is the best place for Whale Sharks, Florida is the best place for Hammerhead Sharks, The Farne Islands off Northumberland is the best place for Atlantic Grey Seals, Cuba is the best place for Cuban Crocodiles, and Shetland is the best place for Diving Gannets. During his talk David showed photos and short videos taken in all these places. In addition, David also showed how he took underwater photos of a dog chasing and catching a ball under water.

While showing his images and videos, David mentioned interesting facts. For example, manatees are related to elephants, can weigh 1.5 tonnes and grow to 4 metres in length. Whale sharks can grow to 20 metres long and weigh 40 tonnes. Atlantic Grey Seals can live for about 30 years, and spend 80% of their time under water. Crocodiles are related to dinosaurs and can live for 70 to 100 years. And diving gannets hit the water at 60 miles per hour and will go 3 metres under water.

David’s talk could only be described as both highly entertaining and educational.


Competition Result

On Thursday 7th March, Droitwich Camera Club came joint second in a competition against Stourbridge Photographic Society, Bromsgrove Photographic Society, and Kidderminster Camera Club. The competition comprising both prints and projected images was hosted at Stourbridge. Some members attended in person while other joined via Zoom.


The final result was:

Stourbridge PS        259 points

Droitwich CC           252 points

Bromsgrove PS        252 points

Kidderminster CC   237 points


Special mention should go to Ric Harding whose print "Ross Back Sands" scored 20 points.  A huge thank you to all the members who allowed their prints and/or DPIs to be used: Audrey Couchman, Ian Johnston, Ric Harding, Robin Couchman, Sue Abbott, and Andrew Bradbury.


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