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Publicity Update

Erika Rosales and I would like to give you an update on our work on publicity for Droitwich Camera Club.

- We have started to distribute copies of our new A5 leaflet promoting the club. Look for copies in the library, local coffee shops, etc. Let us know if you would like some to give to people that might be interested. E-mail:

- On Facebook, members are now posting to the group "Droitwich Camera Club - Public" and we try to ensure that at least one photo is posted every day. Please "like", comment, or "share" as that will widen our audience and raise our profile. If you do not use Facebook but would like some of your photos to be featured, simply send the pictures by email to: including a title (optional) and your name (if not obvious from your email address). If you send a number of photos, they will be posted over a number of days.

- A few changes have been made to the website. The Home Page will be updated frequently to show details of whatever is the next event, and a brief summary of the previous event. The static information that was on the Home Page has been moved to a new "About Us" page. Details of the 2023-24 programme will be added as soon as information is made available.

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