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Painswick snowdrops

On Thursday 10th February, there will be a 'Days Out' visit, organised by Pat, to the Rococo Gardens at Painswick. At this time of year the snowdrops make a magnificent sight as they carpet the woodland area.

There are plenty websites with advice on how to get the best out of photographing these pretty flowers and include suggestions on choice of lenses - wide angle, macro or telephoto. They also make suggestions on using the light and getting close-up or a wider view.

Personally, I find that for any low shots it's useful to have a plastic bag to kneel on to stop getting soggy knees. A garden kneeler can make low shots more comfortable too! A tripod or GorillaPod along with a shutter release cable prove handy especially when using live view.

If you have any winter photos you would like to share with hints and tips on how you achieve your pictures, please get in touch.

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