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New Season 2022-23

Droitwich Camera Club – New Season 2022-2023

Not long now!

Monday 5th September sees the first meeting of the new season for Droitwich Camera Club. Our meetings are held in the Methodist Church, Worcester Road, Droitwich WR9 8AN. The meetings start at 8pm unless otherwise indicated.

The initial meeting and Opening Night will have presentations from our committee members and images of members’ previous work.

September meetings, as with the majority of our speakers, will be available on Zoom and in person with our club members at the venue. The first speaker, in week 2, on 12th September is Geoff Reader, a member of Alsager Camera Club, and whose passion is portrait photography. This presentation will be available on Zoom.

This is followed in week 3 by Richard O’Brien whose Zoom talk is entitled ‘Wonders of the Hashemite Kingdom’, also available on Zoom.

During these initial weeks I (Barbara Turner, Publicity Officer) will be encouraging you to submit photographs for the exhibition at Spetchley Park Gardens on 1st and 2nd October. Last year the photographs displayed there were very well received so please do have a look through your images and select some you would like to show at this event. We will also be asking for volunteer stewards for the weekend of the exhibition so have a look and see if you can spare some time to help out.

The last meeting in September will focus on how to prepare your prints/DPIs for competitions as the first of the year will be on 3rd October. The subject titles for each competition are as follows:

Comp 1 Open DPIs

Comp 2 Mono Prints

Comp 3 Texture in Images Prints

Comp 4 Graham Trevor British Landscape Prints (the results do not count in the overall marks)

Comp 5 Metals DPIs

Comp 6 Round Prints

There will be more information to follow about the annual programme so keep your eyes open on our website and social media sites. We look forward to seeing everyone again in September and of course new members are always warmly welcomed.

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Unknown member
Aug 21, 2022

Good morning Barbara I'm after a little advice I have a 13 Yr old daughter who loves taking photos on her phone we've bought her a basic camera as she's really interested in photography I was wondering if you knew of anywhere she could get experience ie how to use her camera properly I know I'm biased but I think her pics so far are incredible eventually she'd like to do marine photography xx thankyou for any help jess

Barbara Turner
Barbara Turner
Aug 21, 2022
Replying to

Hi Jess. Lovely to hear from you and thank you for taking an interest in our website.

It's great to hear of young people who are interested in photography. I'm wondering if your daughter's school might have a photography club - or maybe she could suggest they start one! There are lots of magazines on the market such as 'Amateur Photographer' and 'Outdoor Photography' and a range of books to help beginners. You would always be welcome to come along to meetings and make yourself known, as our members have lots of experience and are happy to give advice. Hope this helps. Barbara

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