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Kit is of secondary importance when taking portraits

On the 16th of October 2023, Colin Winstanley shared his thoughts, ideas and experiences on how to take better portraits during a well attended session on Zoom. The talk covered everything from finding models, posing, lighting, working on location and working at home or in a studio. Colin also give good editing tips to add a professional polish.

It became very obvious that there is no need to have the latest and most expensive kit. A prime 50mm or 85mm lens (full frame equivalent) is normally best.There was almost no talk about camera settings. The main aspects are having the confidence to try taking portraits, gaining experience, and learning what works best.

If no model is available, much can be gained by taking self portraits. We have time and patience to experiment with lighting, colours, and poses. Colin gained knowledge and confidence this way, and also by participating in group sessions with an experienced tutor.

Both pictures were taken by Colin Winstanley - one of a professional female model, the other a self portrait.

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1 Comment

Sue Biggart
Sue Biggart
Oct 17, 2023

I really enjoyed Colin's portrait talk and it was good to learn some of his techniques.

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