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Droitwich photographers feature in 2024 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust calendar

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust runs a photography competition every year to capture the wildlife of Worcestershire.

This year, two members of the Droitwich Camera Club were among the lucky ones selected for the 2024 calendar. Ric Harding’s photograph of ‘Bluebells in Trench Wood’ was selected for April and Robin Couchman’s photograph of ‘Common Blue Damselflies, Spetchley Gardens’ was selected for May.

Ric said about ‘Bluebells in Trench Wood’: "I wanted to produce an image to represent the quintessence of rural Worcestershire in springtime and found that Trench Wood offered the perfect combination of glades of bluebells and well-established trees with their new verdant foliage.”

About his photograph ‘Common Blue Damselflies, Spetchley Gardens’, Robin explains his creative process “I had gone to the lake at Spetchley Gardens on a very hot day intending to photograph dragonflies. Whilst waiting for one to come past, I noticed these two pairs located on a beautiful arched leaf. To get two pairs on the same leaf was a real bonus.”

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust received more than 400 images from nearly 100 photographers for their 2024 calendar.

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1 commentaire

Sue Biggart
Sue Biggart
24 juil. 2023

Congratulations to Ric and Robin for fabulous images.

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