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Commercial Photography and Light Painting Workshop

Commercial Photography


On Monday, 29th January, our guest speaker, Terry Livesey, gave a talk entitled ‘Commercial Photography’. About 25 members came online to watch the presentation via Zoom.


Terry started his talk by saying that there are major differences between commercial photography and club photography. Commercial photographers take the photos that are needed by their client; not photos that appeal to the photographer. It is essential to understand the needs of the client and the intended audience for the images. Commercial photography is a business to business relationship, often helping the photographer’s client promote products or services to their customers.


Terry spends about 20% of his time on marketing including networking and maintaining an online portfolio. He mentioned social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. The main objective of networking is to meet people and establish many contacts. It is not to “sell”. Terry also talked about the pros and cons of using agencies.


Commercial photography covers many areas of work and it pays to specialise. Terry spent some years mostly taking photographs of bottles, and became known as “Bottle Man”. Businesses would ask for Terry if they needed photos of bottles.

All images taken by Terry Livesey


Aspects of commercial photography include Architecture, Interiors, Industrial, Lifestyle, Headshots, Products, Advertising, Food, Events, Fashion, Sport, School (PR shots and pupils), Press & PR, and Stock photography.


A commercial photographer does not need to be the “best” photographer or produce the “best” photos. A commercial photographer needs to establish a large network of contacts, build good relationships with clients, and produce images that help the client achieve their objectives.


Information about Terry can be found at



Light Painting Workshop

 Details of our next meeting on Monday the 5th of February will be sent to members a day or so ahead of the meeting, but here is some information in advance so you can be prepared.

Matt Tubb will lead a light painting workshop. Matt says: “Discover the enchanting world of light painting at our upcoming event. This is an open invitation for all photography lovers, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting to explore the art. Join us for an evening of creativity as we delve into the techniques of capturing light trails, crafting mesmerizing patterns, and painting with light sources. Grab your camera and tripod, and let's embark on a night filled with artistic exploration. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, experiment, and connect with like-minded individuals”.

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