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"In Search of…"

12 February 2024 at 01:00:00

"In Search of…" By Bill Ward.

As a photographer, Bill is self-taught, and has been taking photographs since he was 6. He has been a Brand Ambassador for Pentax Cameras and Ricoh Imaging since 2014.

Bill has won many awards and commendations, both nationally and internationally, including the Adobe Prize at UK Landscape Photographer of the Year, and Best Seascape at Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year .

Constantly in search of peace and quiet, his photography is a response, and in many ways an antidote, to the time he spends as an actor working in the public eye.

His primary photographic interest is landscapes, whether natural, urban or industrial. He is specifically drawn to water, and has a strong interest in history. Things that were once great, faded glory, a wistfulness for a time when, loom very big on his radar.

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Bill Ward

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