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Print Competetion Minimalist

Comp 6
“Minimalist” Prints
Closing date: 10 March 2024
Competition date: 18 March 2024

DCC’s 6th competition of the season is “Minimalist”:

• The Judge will be looking for austere simplicity, an emphasis of sparseness and careful composition with no over-abundance of colour, patterns or visual information.
• Large amounts of negative space and/or spatial isolation are usual.
• Depth and distance are often used to express vastness.
• A search of the internet and Wikipedia are invited if Members require further clarification.

Bob Goode will be making a second, welcome visit to DCC as our Judge.

He states “minimalist is mostly about the art of communication with the least content possible and as the content of the image decreases so the importance shifts to the construction of the image. As with all things photographic interpretation is at the whim of the photographer. The need for careful consideration of light and shadow along with the message are the key. Detail in the photograph is a killer when talking minimalist.”

Bob Goode

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