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Spetchley Gardens

22 August 2021 at 00:00:00

You will all have received an email from Audrey about a forthcoming photo exhibition at Spetchley gardens on September 22nd to 26th.
This is a fantastic opportunity for our club to showcase our images, promote the club and if possible sell some of our prints.
With this in mind would you like to meet up on the above date for 9.15am to enter at 9.30am to see if you can capture some more fantastic images. We have early access to the park by special arrangement, an hour before the general public.

The exhibition is not exclusively images from Spetchley but a mix of open prints as well.

There is so much you can photograph, apart from flowers. You have wildlife, dragonflies, swallows, landscapes and architecture. On the 22nd August there is a variety of sculptures from the Oxford Sculpture Group who will exhibit their work in the park grounds and also in the learning centre, where we will exhibit our work in September.

Please let me know if you would like to attend this day out by email


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Spetchley park and garden, Worcester

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