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Kieran Metcalfe - Chasing the Light

From Kieran's website, information about his talk:

'Starting from the a realisation that light is cruical to engagement with a landscape photograph, I discuss the conditions I actively seek, the joys and pitfalls they bring and how sometimes, my favourite images are ones taken in less-than-ideal or unexpected situations.'

'As well as telling the stories behind a few of my images, I also unpack the processes I use both in the field and in the edit.'

- Shooting into the Sun: Capturing images with the sun in the frame
- Sidelight: Taking advantage of texture and form
- Something in the Air: How the wider conditions affect the light
- Too much of good thing: Is it possible to get pleasing image in the middle of the day?
- When Less is More: Poorer conditions can be ideal
- When Less is, well, Less: How to strengthen an image when the light lets you down
- Rhapsody in Blue: Exploring the soft beauty of blue hour
- After Dark: Forays into Astro-landscape photography
- Do you feel lucky?: Give yourself the best chance by planning your trips

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