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Alison Mees - Living the African Dream

Alison was born in the UK, and from an early age had a passion for wildlife and photography. She had a strong desire to be in Africa from a child.
Alison spent 4 years working in the Serengeti, Tanzania. Her passion for wildlife and photography keeps growing, spending time with the Serengeti Cheetah Project learning about individual cheetahs.

In June 2017 she moved to Mara North Conservancy, Kenya to manage a camp with Tom, her husband. Alison has the opportunity to continue her own cheetah observations and studies, working with the Local Masai Community with various projects. Still finding time to continue with her passion for photography.

Due to the pandemic Alison returned to the UK in March 2020. Her love and dedication of cheetahs continues and since April 2020 she has been a volunteer at CCF UK - Cheetah Conservation Fund. Spending time fund raising and delivery of workshops showing her photographs and raising awareness of how endangered the cheetahs are in the wild.

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