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DPI 'On The Edge'

First DPI Competition

“On The Edge” DPIs
Closing date: 17 September 2023
Competition date: 25 September 2023

DCC’s 1st competition of the season is “On the Edge”. It must be clear to the Judge and viewers that “On the Edge” is represented visually e.g.:

• a pigeon on the edge of a roof;
• a raindrop on the edge of a leaf;
• a person standing on a cliff edge;
• use of negative space with the subject at the edge of the image.
• On the Edge of Destruction;
• On the Edge of Tears;
• On the Edge of a Breakdown;
• On a Knife Edge

Our Judge for the evening is John Haines and we look forward to welcoming him once again with his friendly approach and sensitive feedback about our images.

John Haines

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