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Ben Hall: 'Moments in Nature'

Ben Hall has gained worldwide recognition as one of Britain's foremost professional wildlife photographers.  His images are often surprising, always striking and ever striving to awaken people to the diversity of the natural world.  He is described by 'Living Edge' magazine as a "passionate and experienced wildlife photographer, with a perfectionist's eye for detail".

With a lifelong passion for the natural world, Ben has used his skill in photography to capture many stunning images.  He is driven by the need to protect and preserve Britain's last fragile ecosystems, as testified by his work for the RSPB, various Wildlife Trusts and other conservation organisations.


Ben's personal approach to photography lies in the creative art of 'seeing'.  His aim is to use his pictures to communicate his personal vision, to generate an emotional response and to excite the viewer's aesthetic sensitivity.  He often pre-visualises an image in his mind before setting out to photograph it.  To realise this vision by turning it into a photographic image can take weeks, months or even years, and often sees him returning frequently to the same location in an attempt to capture the perfect shot.

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