Competiton Rules

 Internal Competition Rules for September 2019 Onwards


1.      Entry to all competitions is limited to paid-up Members of Droitwich Camera Club (the Club).
2.      The Membership will be divided into two sections for the purposes of competition, as follows: 

Standard Section:
This will be where most Members will initially be entered upon joining the Club. Transfer to the advanced section will take place under the conditions set out below.

Advanced Section:
Any Member who wins the cumulative print or Digitally Projected Image (DPI) competition in the standard section during a season (points 8 and 9 below give guidance on point scoring), will automatically move to the advanced section for the following seasons. However, if a Member feels ‘out of their depth’ following transfer to the advanced section, he/she may voluntarily return to the standard section at the end of the season where the request is made. If a Member who has been placed into the standard section demonstrates a consistently high standard of photography, clearly above that expected of the standard class, the Committee may invite that Member to move to the advanced section at any time.

3.      Each monthly competition will consist of either:

A standard print competition where Members may enter up to three prints.
An advanced print competition where Members may enter up to three prints.
A standard DPI competition where Members may enter up to three DPI images.
An advanced DPI competition where Members may enter up to three DPI images.

Each season there will be approximately half of the overall competitions, either print or DPI, upon subject matter set by the Internal Competition Secretary. The balance will be ‘open’ subjects, again a mix of both print and DPI competitions.

It should be noted that the Internal Competition Secretary may, at any time, limit the number of images to be entered into any competition from Members to less than three, if there has been substantial support for that particular competition, such that the total number of entries could not be leisurely judged within the time available in the evening.    

4. Prints may be home or trade processed and printed. There is no requirement that they are mounted, but this would be recommended as Judges will often take a view on how the image is presented. Prints should be clearly labelled on the reverse with the Member’s name and the print title. If there is any doubt about the orientation of the image, there should be an upward pointing arrow, so that the head of the arrow marks the top of the image, thus ensuring that it is displayed the correct way up. The maximum combined print and mount size is 20” by 16” (50cm by 40cm). If the image is a panoramic image, this is increased to 30” by 12” (76cm by 30cm). Prints should be securely attached to their mounts in such a way that tape or adhesive cannot cause damage to another Member’s print when they are stacked whilst sorting. If the Internal Competition Secretary, in his/her sole opinion, decides that a print is not secure and, as a result, damage could be possible to other prints, that image may be excluded from the competition so as to avoid this eventuality. 

5.      DPI entries should be resized to a 1600 by 1200 pixels resolution, so as to be compatible with the Club’s projector. This requirement may change at any time if the Club changes the projector used in between seasons, or mid-season. The new sizing requirements will, however, always be advised to Members’ in advance of the requirement to change it. Images should always be saved in an 8 bit format and in sRGB colour space. Files submitted must be in .jpg format saved at a quality level of 10 or greater. 

6.      Print entries should be handed in on the evening of the competition, no later than 19:45 hours, to allow sorting and so as not to delay the start of the evening. Any image not handed in by this time may be excluded from entry into that evening’s competition. DPI images must be submitted online using the Club’s Photo Entry software. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Whilst not mandatory, a DPI of a Member’s print entry should be submitted also via the Club’s Photo Entry software. The purpose of seeking a submission of a DPI for each print entry, is simply to allow projection of the image to the room so that all Members can see clearly the image being judged. Judges are always instructed to judge the print and NOT the projected image of the print, as the images can sometimes appear to have a variance. These images should also be formatted in a way consistent with that set out at point 5 above. The dead-line for submission of DPI’s of print entries is as for DPI’s as detailed at point 7 below.

7.      DPI entries should be entered electronically via the Photo Entry software. The dead-line for submission is 12 midnight on the Sunday a week before the competition 8 days later. Any entry not submitted by this time will not be eligible to enter the competition and will be excluded. 

8.      Each image submitted into a print or DPI competition will be awarded a mark out of 20, by an externally appointed Judge invited by the Committee. 

9.      All points will be totaled at the end of the season for both standard and advanced sections and for both print and DPI competitions.  Cumulative trophies, to be held for a season, will be awarded to the highest scoring Members in each section. Therefore, a total of 4 trophies will be awarded each season. 

10.   Any entry into a monthly competition may be re-entered into one further monthly competition in the current or future seasons, so long as the work has not already achieved a score of 16 or greater. This applies to both sections whether it be a print or DPI entry. But, an entry used in two competitions in the standard section, cannot be used in the advanced section (or vice versa) if a Member moves between sections. 

11.   The same or closely similar images (in the sole opinion of the Internal Competition Secretary) cannot be entered into both print and DPI competitions in the same season. 

12.   All images must be the work of the Member submitting it and the Internal Competition Secretary may inspect EXIF data, or request other reasonable evidence, to prove this is so. If it cannot be established that the entry can be successfully attributed to the submitting Member, it may (at the sole discretion of the Internal Competition Secretary), be excluded from the competition results. 

13.   In entering an image into any monthly competition, the Member provides consent that the image may be used by the Club for promotional purposes, in line with the detail set out in the Competition and Submission of Images Supplementary Rules, as published on the Club website and which can be found here. These Supplementary Rules may be liable to change from time to time at the discretion of the Committee. 

14.   In relation to the print and DPI of the year competition, the Internal Competition Secretary will advise upon, each season, what score awarded to an individual image during a competition, will qualify it for entry into the print/DPI of the year competition. This may vary from season to season, but is in place to ensure we have a manageable number of images to be judged without time-pressures during the course of an evening. It will, however, always allow the highest marked images to compete for the annual award. This will apply to both standard and advanced sections. 

15.   In all respects, and in the event of any doubt or uncertainty, the Internal Competition Secretary’s decision shall be final. 

16.   Neither the Club nor any individual Member will be held liable for any failure in any software or hardware, error, omission or otherwise experienced failure in the course of compiling and running, or attempting to run, competitions.


Internal Competition Secretary

On behalf of The Committee

January 2019, effective September 01, 2019

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