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Monthly Competition Dates

Monthly Competition Dates

Please make sure that you send your entry in 1 week before the competition date. Files MUST be in the format requested by the Competition Secretary or they may be rejected.


1st Monthly Competition: 'Open' Prints and 'Street Photography' DPI's
10th October 2016 - Judge is Keith Cooper

2nd Monthly Competition: 'Open' Prints and 'Sport' DPI's
14th November 2016 - Judge is John Hartshorne

3rd Monthly Competition: 'Trees' Prints and 'Open' DPI's
12th December 2016 - Judge is Graham Walton

4th Monthly Competition: 'Open' Prints and 'Geometric Shapes/Lines' DPI's
16th January 2017 - Judge is David Lowe

5th Monthly Competition: 'The Power of Nature' Prints and 'Open' DPI's
13th February 2017 - Judge is Graham Hodgkiss

6th Monthly Competition: 'Open' Prints and 'Creative' DPI's
13th March 2017 - Judge is Brian Swinyard

Annual Non Cumulative Competition: 'British Isles Landscapes' Prints and DPI's for the Graham Trevor Trophy
10th April 2017 - Judge is Martin Fry

Print and DPI of the year Competition -  8th May 2017 - Self Judged

Chairman's Competition - Subject to be announced - 23rd May 2017





5 Way Interclub at Stourbridge

9th March 2017


'Match That' against Evesham and Stratford

19 December 2016 - Home - Judge John Haines


Kidderminster and Studley

7th November 2016 - At Kidderminster


Wychavon Trophy against Evesham - Away

18th April 2016

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