Monthly Competition 6 - Results

Standard Prints
Position Author Title Points

1 Jeremy Richardson Norwegian fishing huts 6

2 Sue Abbott Miles Away 5

3 Jeremy Richardson Heading to sea  4

 HC Sue Abbott Flight of Fancy 3

 C Doug Chaplin Still and busy in Trafalgar Square 2


Standard DPIs Position Author Title Points

1 Dave Hull Keep the noise down 6

2 Sue Abbott Globe 5

3 Sue Biggart UFO 4

4HC Dave Rawlings Falling From A Tree  3

C Julian Rouse Dream 2


Advanced Prints
Position Author Title Point

 1 Audrey Couchman The Old Jetty 6

2 Tony Banks Corbière Lighthouse 5

3 Ric Harding Deep Frozen Leaf 4 HC Tony Banks Jonathon 3

HC Ric  Harding Stag in Loch Arkaig 3

HC Al Haden Windswept 3

C Peter Rean Clearing storm

2 C Mark Chambers Winston and Friends 2


Advanced DPIs Position Author Title Points

1 Robin Couchman Time Flies 6

2 Ian Johnston Space explorer 5

3 Al Haden The Temptress 4 HC Alan Docherty SwanLake 3

HC Robin Couchman Zebra may safely graze 3

HC Mark Chambers Battle of Britain 3

C Audrey Couchman Fading Away 2

C Peter Rean Rorschach's beast - what do you see

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