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The Disabled Photographer: Taking a close up shot

On Saturday, assuming it's not blowing a gale, the camera club are off to take photos of Crocus and Snowdrops. Now a few years ago I had a macro zoom lens which would have been ideal, but unfortunately I traded it in and have never got round to replacing it. On Monday I had a brain wave, why not try some of the 'add on' close up filters, so I went to Amazon and bought a set of these filters which arrived on Thursday. They set me back a whole £8 for 4 different filters so I am not expecting them to be of the highest quality, but I hope that tomorrow they will manage to perform. One of my friends at club said "oh, you will need a lens hood on those" so I am packing that and hoping for a good sunny day. If the pictures are any good I will post them next week. Somehow I suspect that they will not compare with the images produced by our macro experts though!

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