iPhone & Other 'Smart Phone' Photography

Next Monday, 27th February we will be looking at the increasing use of mobile phones, tablets and other similar electronic devices for the taking, viewing, sharing, and nowadays even the processing of photographs. The session will be led by Club members Ray Portman, Nigel Reader, Peter Rean and Duncan Turner, but the aim is for this to be an interactive evening with members contributing their own experiences and views on this popular photographic activity.

To show what can be achieved, we invite members to submit a maximum of two images taken with a mobile phone, iPad, GoPro, or similar device. From the entries submitted Ray, Nigel, Peter & Duncan will select one to receive a top quality memory card as a prize.

Images can be submitted in any size and format, but preferably as JPEG's and you should provide your own name and a title for the photograph. All images will be put into a slideshow and displayed on the large screen on the evening. Get your entries in by midnight on Wednesday 22nd February by sending them to Ray at rportman@btinternet.com  

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