Monthly Competition 5 - Results

Standard Prints
Position Author Title Points
1 Mark Wild Waterfall 6
2 Sue Biggart Aftermath of fire 5
3 Dave Hull Nature's Power Grid 4
C Sue Abbott Snow in Worcester 2
C Dave Hull Water Power 2

Standard DPIs
Position Author Title Points
1 Dave Hull Hummingbird 6
2 Jeremy Richardson waiting for the train 5
3 Doug Chaplin Eastnor Castle in the dawn mist 4
HC Doug Chaplin Privilege and poverty 3
C Sue Biggart Glass & Earring 2
C Sue Abbott Keeping a Lookout 2
C J Rouse Sophie 2
C Pat Catlin Blues Guitar 2
C Sue Abbott Reflecting on Life 2

Advanced Prints
Position Author Title Points
1 Ric Harding Gale Force 6
2 Clive Turner Going with the flow 5
3 Al Haden 2 old Geysers 4
HC Mark Chambers Storm Over The Stones 3
C RayPortman Birds Nest 2
C Audrey Couchman Claimed by the Sea 2
C Ric Harding Sculpted by the Wind 2

Advanced DPIs
Position Author Title Points
1 Al Haden 9 in the rain 6
2 Tony Banks Gull Attack 5
3 Robin Couchman The Baltic 4
HC David Benton Whitby 3
HC Ric Harding The Ticket Inspector 3
C Clive Turner Thermal design 2
C Mark Chambers Waiting for the Train 2
C Nigel Reader Paved With Gold 2
C David Benton Corbiere 2
C Al Haden In the Huge Outdoors 2
C Clive Turner Mountain pass 2

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