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Selling Unused Camera Kit - One Member's Experience

It is, perhaps, inevitable that as we photographers advance our skills, we expand and improve the quality of our photographic equipment. In this day and age of rapid advancement of all things technological, the items replaced have neither great value nor a queue of potential buyers - or so I thought!

Over the summer break and following a house move, when it became clear just how many unused camera items and related kit that I had acquired over the years, I decided to see what the value of these might be on a part exchange basis. So, having purchased about 80% of my camera kit from WEX (Warehouse Express as was) I detailed the kit by way of an online submission and awaited a response. I was extremely pleased to get this the next day and was somewhat surprised (pleasantly) that there was a value of £2,500 in this equipment, which I originally thought was of little appeal as time had marched on in the photograhy world.

Collection of the equipment was arranged at no expense to me and appraisal of the kit by WEX confirmed the quoted values would be honoured and the full amount was credited to my WEX account and I became the proverbial “kiddy in the sweet shop” selecting what to buy next. Fortunately it didn't take that long to decide that a DSLR upgrade was required and I have been delighted with the potential the new camera promises to deliver.

So if you have some items lurking in some of those many camera bags we also seem to acquire (and upon which I may do a further blog item in the near future) get them appraised! You may be pleasantly surprised. I'm not on commission with WEX by the way, just a trusted supplier I prefer from experience. I know London Camera Exchange in Worcester offer a similar service and there are a number of others which advertise in the mags every month.

So happy hunting.

Al Haden

Ian JohnstonComment
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