Monthly Competition 4 - Results

Standard Prints

Position Author Title Points
1 Jeremy Richardson Hanging Chair 6
2 Sue Biggart Delight 5
3 Sue Biggart Fruit Bowl 4
HC Sue Abbott Live to Ride 3
C Andrew Hawes Looking to Lundy 2
C Dave Rawlings Frosty Staircase 2
C Julian Rouse A Sit Down 2

Standard DPIs

Position Author Title Points
1 Pat Catlin Leaf lines 6
2 Sue Abbott All Mixed Up 5
3 Jeremy Richardson Balconies 4
HC Margaret Townley Chairs 3
C Dave Rawlings Reflective Gherkin 2
C Doug Chaplin Skylight at the Sony Centre 2
C Julian Rouse Starting to thaw 2
C Pat Catlin Auto Magic 2

Advanced Prints

Position Author Title Points
1 Tony Banks Full of Pride 6
2 Ric Harding Evening Light at Stokksnes 5
3 Mark Chambers Tied Together 4
HC Robin Couchman Winter Tree 3
C Ric Harding Without a Leg to Stand On 2
C Nigel Reader Prickly Subject 2
C Trevor Hunter white tailed eagle 2
C Peter Rean Eastnor castle 2

Advanced DPIs

Position Author Title Points
1 Mark Chambers The Old Stairs 6
2 Peter Rean Crayon sunburst 5
3 Ian Johnston Clevedon Fireworks 4
HC Robin Couchman Urban geometry 3
C Tony Banks Web Of Intrigue 2
C Alan Haden Soup Shapes 2
C Robin Couchman Lines in the Sand 2
C Audrey Couchman Through the round window

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