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High Speed Photography by Robin Truran - Part 2

In this second blog Robin will continue his journey experimenting and learning ...

As a natural progression to my earlier attempts at high speed photography I tried shooting wine glasses with an air rifle (as you do!). However triggering the system with sound became difficult so I had to build an adjustable delay circuit which was yet another major step into the electronics world for me.

Learning from previous experience I discovered that it was better to trigger the camera firing system by using an infrared detector when the pellet left the barrel and putting a few milliseconds of delay in firing the flashes. The next wine glass shot (Image 3) was taken using this method as was the next shot (Image 4) albeit with just slightly longer delay. The coke can (Image 5) is another example of this method.

The lady and the lamp (Image 6) is obviously a composite picture, shooting a light bulb while it is on is not without its difficulties.

The final picture of the crossbow and chalk (Image 7) was taken using an infrared detector on the crossbow and a mini PLC controlling the delay. As with all the other pictures the shutter was open for two seconds and two flashes froze the action. Shooting a crossbow in the dark is not that easy and my earlier attempts produced too much dust, so for this picture the chalk pieces were dipped in water to reduce this and make the colour richer.

Believe it or not, all the images shown on the two blogs were 'one take' shots, not the best of several attempts.

Top Tip: " if you can control all the variables then the output has to be right"

Editors Note: Robin's two blogs have given us a fascinating insight into a very difficult area of photography and he has underplayed his knowledge and skill in producing some superb images.


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