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Droitwich Camera Club - Film Photography

Despite the advent of digital cameras in recent years, film photography is still alive and well and enjoyed by many enthusiasts including a small number within our own Club. Paul Jones (LRPS) is one such person and using film cameras to capture images has been a passion of his since the 1980's.

Paul said "There is something quite special about the particular look which one gets from using film, and something almost preternatural about the chemical process"

Used, good quality film cameras are still widely available on the internet and many members may still have their past 'pride & joy' still in a cupboard somewhere! Rolls of film of various types are also still available and even the local Boots store has a stock of film. However, when it comes to buying usable classic cameras, Paul advises against sites such as Ebay (though it seems like the most convenient method at the time), and he suggests purchasing from reputable camera stores – many of which are listed each week in Amateur Photographer magazine.  

Tip from Paul: "Go with the particular look that you get from film (such as gritty 35mm black and white images) rather than trying to emulate images captured digitally. When shooting on film, it is also a good idea to leave the digital equipment at home, rather than alternating from one to the other. This way, you can concentrate 100% on the capture of film images and the functions of your film equipment."

Both Paul and Nigel Reader are members of the RPS Analogue Group, so if you are interested in Film Photography, speak to them at a Club Meeting. 

Now dust off that old camera, grab a roll of film and give it a go


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