The disabled photographer Part 2

I have had a number of issues over the last two years since my stroke. Some I have managed to work on others are still a problem. In the months after my stroke I had all sorts of difficulty in getting the camera to my eye and more importantly my finger to the shutter release. I found that i could not half depress the release so many pictures were not in focus. I settled on switching the controls to back button focus my thumb being more steady than my forefinger.This helped improve the percentage in focus. I also had a problem with my main subject, I have always loved wildlife but now could not react in time to capture anything faster than a dabbling duck. The adaptation here has been to switch subjects. I have always loved portraits and fortunately people do not move quite as fast as birds. I had found a subject i could get in the viewfinder. The next problem was clumsiness I cannot count the number of times I have adjusted a control by accident, usually the white balance. For this reason I shoot mainly in Raw, as it allows me to correct most of the errors afterwards, 

Tips of the week, Back Button Focus, shoot in raw and go for something a wee bit slower.


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