Being a disabled photographer!

I got my first film camera in 1980 and for years took photographs of anything and everything. However my life changed for ever in July 2014 when I was seriously ill following a stroke which left me with communication issues and being unable to use my right side. I have now recovered some function due to the wonderful NHS and although at first I could hardly manage a camera I was determined to be able to master the art again. My initial problem was being able to reach the shutter button, but over a period of months I slowly became able to take photographs although I am still working on exposure and focus. During this time I concentrated on taking photographs of people because they generally stand still! I nearly always engage them in conversation and explain that this is part of my rehabilitation and they usually allow me to take some photos. Here is a sample of my work over the last year.

Tip of the day: Always talk to an interesting looking subject, you would be amazed how often they are willing to be photographed.

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