Welcome to Droitwich Camera Club's website. We are a small and friendly society and we welcome new members of all ages and abilities.  If you are interested in developing your photography further why not come along to one of our regular Monday evening meetings

Droitwich Camera - Club Equipment

Due to the generosity of former members, their families and supporters of the Club we are now the owners of a wide variety of superb quality photographic gear, both digital and film.

We have not listed the equipment on the website, but all of it is available for members to borrow free of charge. Most of the equipment currently resides with Nigel Reader in his spare room at home and I am reliably informed that his wife is very anxious that items are borrowed and used and not just left in store as clutter! Some of the gear is of a specialist nature, so if you have not yet tried one of the, shall we say, more “niche” areas of photography for lack of equipment - Macro, flash or even film - then this is a great chance to give it a go.

If you want help or guidance in using film (35mm or medium format) we can help with that as well. The Club currently runs a “Film Users” sub-group which meets every second Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm at the Old Cock, Friar Street, in Droitwich. At the time of writing the group comprises only Nigel and Paul Jones who are both keen to welcome anyone along, even if only for a chat about photography generally and film related issues in particular. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th December 2016.

For those of you who do your own printing we also possess a “Colormunki” which is a device that can help you refine settings so as to avoid colour casts and colour differences between your monitor screen and your printer. We also have a device that can assist with fine-tuning the focus setting between camera and lens for telephoto lenses to ensure pin-point accuracy.

If you think you might be interested in borrowing any of the items the Club owns please just speak to Nigel at a Monday night meeting and he will be able to tell you more.


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