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The Disabled Photographer: Tips for Indoor Christmas Photography

As well as being a member of the camera club I am also a member of Droitwich Stroke Club and it was in this latter role that I attended a Christmas Carol concert this week with students from Dodderhill School. We enjoyed over an hour of the girls singing and were all made to feel very much in the Christmas spirit.

I was given the task of photographing the event, which was no easy feat as it turned out, but it did give me the opportunity for some good practice prior to Christmas. My initial attempts to photograph events at the concert were with a zoom lens - which I thought would be less intrusive - and a pair of radio triggered flash guns. However, this combination produced some rather shadowy shots which I was not happy with. Time to rethink the situation. I decided to use the available light rather than flash and as I was hand-holding the camera what I needed was a faster shutter speed so I decided to change to one of my 'prime' lenses and at the same time crank up the ISO. These changes produced much more acceptable results and by moving around a little I did not feel that I was intruding too much on the singers with the smaller lens.

I hope you enjoy the photos that I have posted below.

Many thanks to the girls from Dodderhill School and their teachers. Thanks also to the stroke team carers. 

Tip of the Day: If when using flash it is not working well in your situation don't be afraid to crank up the ISO, with a modern camera you won't get too much 'noise'. 


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