Monthly Competition 3 - Results

Here are the winning entries for our December competition:

Standard Prints (Trees & Woods)
Position Author Title Points
1 Dave Hull Westonbirt 6
2 Margaret Townley The lonesome tree 5
3 Doug Chaplin Autumnal Sun 4
HC Dave Hull Hanbury Wood 3
HC Sue Abbott Windswept 3
C Dave Rawlings Lone Tree 2
C Pat Catlin Wood Serpent 2

Standard DPIs (Open)
Position Author Title Points
1 Karl Rolle-Rowan Midge on a Nettle 6
2 Julian Rouse Your nicked 5
3 Dave Hull Shoreline 4
HC Julian Rouse The Diner 3
HC Sue Biggart Wells Cathedral 3
C Jeremy Richardson in the attic 2
C Sue Biggart Hello 2

Advanced Prints (Trees & Woods)
Position Author Title Points
1 Ric Harding Frosted Tree 6
2 Audrey Couchman Beech Wood 5
3 Nigel Reader Perched On A Rock 4
HC Al Haden The Passage of Time 3
HC Mark Chambers Light Through The Trees 3
C Clive Turner Misty sunrise 2
C Peter Rean Winter skyline 2

Advanced DPIs (Open)
Position Author Title Points
1 Mark Chambers Apprehension 6
2 Robin Couchman African Sunset 5
3 Ray Portman Looking & Waiting 4
HC Robin Couchman Round The Corner 3
HC Ric Harding Bengal Tiger in Evening Light 3
C Audrey Couchman Heron Taking Off 2
C Clive Turner Clustered in Mist 2
C Ric Harding You Scratch My Back 2

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