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Entering a Droitwich Camera Club Contest.

I am going to tell you how to enter the Standard competition. If you are an advanced member, i think you already know! The contest has two sections per month, one for DPI's which are projected onto the screen for us all to view and another for prints which also need a DPI to be submitted for each print, which will be projected alongside the print. The prints MUST be mounted and the mount size must not exceed 16 x 20 inches [unless they are a panoramic photo]. They will also need your name and the title you entered them with on the back. Both entries need to be entered no later than a week before the contest. They should be related to the competition subject, they should be re-sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels long and/or a maximum of 1050 pixels high and should be saved as a jpeg. Any bigger and it won't be displayed properly on the club projector and will be rejected by the club competition guys. 

Each entry will need to be named in a particular format. For the first entry this should be: 1_Title of photo_Your Name.jpg. The second entry just has a 2_ at the beginning rather than the 1. Members can enter 2 DPI's and 2 Prints per month. Also, the titles of both the prints and the DPIs, as well as the digital files of both the prints and the DPIs, need to be sent to the Competition Secretary and his Assistant no later than midnight on the Sunday a week before the competition. Please state in your email which section the images are to be entered into.

The competitions are usually judged by an external adjudicator, who may have their own idiosyncratic views, just because you think your image is great,  they may not agree! You will need to bring your prints along on the evening of the contest. Good luck.

The club reserves the right to publish competition entries in all forms.

Visit the 'Prepare for a Competition' page on the club website here for additional information.

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