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Day Out: The Severn Bore October 2016

Well today started off raining before dawn so we were expecting a wet day. As we drove down towards Gloucestershire the sun came out and our spirits lifted. We arrived at our chosen meeting point, the appropriately named Severn Bore Inn and having parked and got a coffee headed off to our chosen view points. The venue was quite packed and as we waited there was hushed anticipation. Before 10 o'clock a surfer paddled out into the river and at about four minutes past the ducks on the river took flight. We held our breath and a few minutes later saw a rush of water heading towards us. It turned the corner and we all expected great pictures, but unfortunately it then sort of petered out, the surfer had no crest to ride and we were robbed of our spectacular images! The river flowed the wrong way for a while and a canoeist and a floating log headed up stream at quite a rate but somehow we were left feeling that we had better come back another day That's the joy of nature photography, it does not always do what you expect! Instead of heading home we went to Gloucester Docks for a pleasant amble and image capture, but that is another tale!

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