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FIREWORKS – an evening out with Droitwich Camera Club

Bonfire Night has proved a great opportunity to try out some challenging shots of night-time fire and fireworks photos.

It was a very select group who ventured out to Pitchcroft Race Course in Worcester, on Saturday 1st November, to what was a spectacular display of fireworks, put on by Worcester Round Table. We found a great spot to set up the tripods and had plenty time to photograph the crowds around the huge bonfire and the colourful fairground with whirling rides, before the fireworks began.

Different apertures and speeds were tried out and the longer exposures gave some interesting effects. When it came to the fireworks themselves, it was best using a wide angle lens to allow capture of the stunning bursts from the bigger rockets. We used a low ISO, 100 or 200, and a small aperture, f/11 and smaller, and used the cameras manually so the focus could be set to infinity. Experiments were made with the exposure time, anything from 1 or 2 seconds upwards. The longer the time, the more of the firework trail in the sky was visible. It was trial and error to start with, checking the image on the back of the camera to ensure it was providing the desired effect.

All too soon it was over, time flies when you’re having fun and so we finished off our evening out with a very welcome delicious hot chocolate and sociable chat.

There is still time to try out your own fireworks photographs with more bonfires and firework displays this coming weekend. Give it a go – you’ll enjoy it!


Social Secretary, DCC

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