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A Morning in Hanbury Woods (otherwise known as Pipers Hill and Dodderhill Commons)

A small number of keen photographers from Droitwich Spa Photographic Society met early on Sunday 5th October with a view to taking images of some of the 200 species of fungi which are known to be found in Hanbury Woods. Unfortunately, although we had lovely weather for being outdoors, there were not many varieties of fungi to be seen on that day!

We did find a nice example of Honey fungus which gave us the opportunity to take photographs, trying out different settings and techniques with our cameras.

The image of ‘Honey fungus 1’ was pictured using ISO 100, FStop f/16 and Exposure 3.2 seconds, whereas ‘Honey fungus 2’ had ISO 100, FStop f/5.6 and Exposure ¼ second. The difference can be seen between the backgrounds of the images. The first has most of the tree trunk in focus as well as the fungus but the second image shows the tree trunk out of focus. Both images were taken on a Canon 70D in Live-View using the Manual setting. The lens was a Tamron 18-270 which was zoomed out to 76mm.

The Puffball images each had three shots taken at different exposures, which were then combined in Photoshop to provide an HDR image. The first was taken at FStop f/22 and the second at f/11. Again differences between the clarity of the background can be seen.

The Bracket fungus also used 3 images which were combined into an HDR image. This time the hope was to give more detail in the darkest shadow which otherwise is difficult to reproduce.

Bracket fungus

Bracket fungus

That morning was also lovely for taking images of the Autumn colour in the trees and of the leaves already on the ground. Despite the lack of fungi that day the visit was well worthwhile. We particularly enjoyed a cup of coffee and a chat, sitting in the sunshine at The Jinney Ring. The woodland is definitely worthy of a repeat visit as there is always something new to see there.

Barbara Turner

Social Secretary DSPS

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