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Competition Rules

Competition Rules

"Winter Light" by Pat Catlin

"Winter Light" by Pat Catlin

Competition Rules 

Additional Rules concerning Image Ownership and Copyright can be found here

1. Entry to all competitions is restricted to paid up Club Members. 

2. The Membership will be divided into 2 sections:

Standard Section: most Members will initially be entered within this section. 

Advanced Section: any Member who wins the Cumulative Print or Digitally Projected Image (DPI) competitions in a season is automatically moved into the Advanced Section for the following season and will normally remain there in subsequent seasons.  If a Member in the Advanced Section feels ‘out of their depth’ after one or more seasons, he/she can voluntarily return to the Standard Section for the next season.  The Committee has the right to invite Members in the Standard Section to move into the Advanced Section if they have demonstrated a consistently high standard of photography. The Committee can also put a new Member into the advanced section if their previous experience and competition history warrants it. 

3. Each Monthly Competition will consist of the following sections: 

A Standard Print section:   Up to 2 prints
An Advanced Print section:  Up to 2 prints

A Standard DPI section:   Up to 2 DPIs
An Advanced DPI section:   Up to 2 DPIs

Entries are usually limited to 2, but this may be reduced to 1, or extended to 3 at the Competition Secretary’s discretion, depending on how well the competitions are being supported.

4. Prints may be home or trade processed/printed.  They should be suitably mounted and the title and entrant’s name marked clearly on the back.  The maximum size mount is 20” x 16”.  Panoramic photographs may be entered but the mount must not exceed 30” x 12”. 

5. DPI entries should be resized to match the 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution of the projector and should be converted to 8 bit sRGB colour space.  They should be saved as .jpg files at quality level 10 or over.

6. Print entries should be handed in on the Competition Evening by 7:45 at the latest to allow time for sorting.  The jpg files for the DPI section must submitted using the on-line photo entry system. Instructions on how to submit your images can be found here

7. Whilst not mandatory, a DPI of a members print entry should also be submitted using the on-line photo entry system. Instructions on how to submit your images can be found here   Please observe the requirements set out at 5 above as regards these DPI submissions.

8. Scoring will be: 1 point for an entry, 2 points for a Commended, 3 points for a Highly Commended, 4 points for a Third, 5 points for a Second and 6 points for a First. 

9. All points will be totalled at the end of the season and Cumulative Trophies awarded to the highest scoring Members in each Section. 

10. Any entry to a Monthly Competition may be re-entered into one further Monthly Competition in the current or any future season so long as the work has not already been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd or been Highly Commended or Commended.  This applies across the Standard and Advanced sections as if they were one, i.e. once an image has been placed or entered into two competitions in the Standard section, it cannot be entered into the Advanced section (and vice versa) if a Member moves from one section to another. 

11. The same or closely similar image should not be entered into both Print and DPI competitions in the same season. 

12. All images must be the work of the author. 

13. In entering a Monthly Competition, a Member agrees that the images may be placed on the Society’s web site unless he/she states otherwise. 

14. Print and DPI of the Year Competition: Members may enter up to 2 prints and/or 2 DPI's that have been entered into any of the Monthly Competitions during that season.  These entries should include any work that has been placed 1st  2nd or 3rd or has been Highly Commended or Commended.  This competition will consist of Standard and Advanced Sections. 

15. The Competition Secretary shall have the final say in the interpretation of these rules. 

Sue Abbott
Competition Secretary
2nd Sept 2018

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